About the creator

Hi, Vanakkam, I'm Vinsia Maharajah! I'm a first-generation, Tamil-Canadian, published photographer, lifelong creator and entrepreneur, based in Toronto, ON, Canada, who sees the world as my creative studio.

I was raised by the generous, loving, open arms of Scarborough from the moment I was born.  I was raised by stories of magical school buses that would travel through digestive systems, stories of ancient South Asian kingdoms, traumatic accounts of war, and hopeful, yet painful stories of immigration.  Stories, archives and new ideas have always been the source of inspiration for the work I do.  

This can be seen in the impactful visuals of my photography work as well as my visual art and creative projects.

"I want to see marginalized voices become, global voices." - Vinsia

While I've experimented with a handful of creative outlets, I've learned that I am incredibly passionate about empowering folks to really take ownership of their stories and share them through whatever medium they choose.  I empower folks through visuals of strength, resilience and transparency.

My creative journey began when I was 16, and dreamed of being a YouTuber. Over the last 10 years, I've creatively executed storytelling through photography, painting, writing, acting, activism, dancing, style, digital illustration, makeup, body-painting, spoken word, scriptwriting, creative/art direction, comedy and entertainment.  A story can be told a million ways, and I look forward to empowering folks to really stand by their stories and start to tell them to the world.